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A unique membership program for couples who want to grow friendship, communication and connection in their relationship.


Hey there!

My Name is 
Estrella 'Star" Rogers LCSW 

"I want to teach couples the skills that no one ever taught me.  I want to share my expertise, and knowledge learned with as many couples as possible."  

Coach Star 

Are you looking for ways to improve your relationship?
Do you desire better communication with your spouse? 

Lover's Lane

  Couples Coaching Program 

$75.00 Monthly Membership 
  • 2 Couples workshops per month are facilitated by Coach Star. 

  • Bonus Expert Guest 

  •  Live Q&A session Saturday mornings at 10 am est. 

  • Workshop and Q&A Replays are available for active members

  • Private Facebook Group for members only

  • 1 Monthly Activity assigned to enhance skills learned 

  • Private access to members portal with resources, replays, and activities. 

Let’s get started on repairing and building a better future together

Click the button and you're in!

What to Expect 

  • After joining Lovers Lane, you can access the Member's Portal. Where you will find resources, replays, and tools created to enhance your relationship

  • Workshops are held on the First and Third Tuesday of every month at 8 pm EST

  • Monthly assigned enrichment activities. 

  • Live Q&A Sessions Saturdays at 10 am est. (replays available in the portal)

  • Private Zoom link.

We Are Ready!

In This program I not only provide you with tools but, I have the opportunity to teach you how to implement the skills taught. This is not a short term six week program. I am here to guide and help you develop your relationship for as long as you chose to be a member. This is about development, and I am leaving no couple behind! 


If you want more out of your relationship, but don't know where to start or feel like something's missing,  let me show you how simple changes can make all the difference!

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April Sessions 

Session 1: Enhancing Love Maps and Friendships 

Session 2: Sex and Intimacy

with Guest Expert: Sex Therapist, Latoya Cheathon, LMFT

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May Sessions

Session 1: Communicating with Love "Soft Start Ups"

Session 2: Investing as a Couple 

with Guest Expert: Angelica Prescod AAMS

meet our guests-2.png

Session 1: Problem Solving 

Session 2: Married with Children

with Guest Expert: Tatianna Brooks LCSW, RPTS

August Sessions

Session 1: Problem Solving pt. 2

Session 3 How to be healthy as a couple

with Guest Expert: Coach Levi and Nataisha Ramirez

Owners of Size Healthy Fitness Gym


What's the benefit?
Why this program?

Picture this. Your relationship is finally what you envisioned.  The communication is great. You feel respected and understood. You have surpassed the desired level of intimacy in and out of the bedroom, and you go to bed with your best friend every night.  


You learned how to find the solutions to your problems and communicate your needs effectively.  You can finally say you are truly happy in your relationship, you have a partner and feel as if you are part of a team.  

Wouldn't this be amazing?  What if I told you, you don't have to dream anymore? What if I told you, your dream could be possible....... So, are you ready?  Let's start winning. 

Start building the relationship you desire today! Invest today for just $75 per month,.

Coach "Star" 

Hi! I'm Estrella Rogers, but you can call me Coach Star.


I have been in practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over ten years. Through my years in working with couples, I began to realize that a lot of our issues are simply because we were never taught. Most couples didn't have a positive example or someone to teach them the right way. I experienced situations in the early stages of my own marriage that made me realize it’s not that couples don’t want to try, but how do you build a healthy marriage if you don’t know how? 


So I began my journey working with couples to build, grow, and love. 


I received my graduate degree from East Carolina University.  I have completed the Level Three Practicum training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. I utilize this approach which includes a thorough assessment of your relationship and integrates research based on the Sound Relationship House Theory. 


The goals of Gottman Method Couples Therapy are to disarm conflicting verbal communication; increase intimacy, respect, and affection; remove barriers that create a feeling of stagnancy, and create a heightened sense of empathy and understanding within the context of the relationship.

 Along with my level three training, I am also a Prepare and Enrich Certified Facilitator and Certified in Christian Counseling. Each of these allows me to provide services to a diverse group of couples ensuring that I can tailor my services to the needs of my couples



Loving Couple

Lillian Revels

Thank you, Estrella Rogers!!!! Your Gottman Couple Workshop was phenomenal. I learned a lot of great relational practices that can help me to be better in my marriage!!!

Exchanging Vows

Laneshia Patrick

Remember her (Estrella Rogers) name!!! Y’all we just attended the Gottman couple class she hosted today and I have never been in any session that has been articulated so well! Star your gift will make PLENTY room(s) for you! Simply AMAZING!!!!!

Happy Couple

Letitia Huger-Hill, LCMHCS

Estrella Rogers is an extraordinary therapist and connects well with her clients and her colleagues.  Estrella is driven to provide a high standard of care to her clients and always aims to gain a deeper understanding of their needs. 

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